Summer 2019

Principal Investigator

David Hanneke
Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Amherst College

Curriculum vitae (pdf)

Current members

Boran Kuzhan
Class of 2021E

James Logan
Class of 2021

Addison Hartman
Class of 2022

If you're interested in joining this list, feel free to contact Prof. Hanneke. Amherst students can get involved even in their first year.

Honors thesis students

Julia Pfatteicher
Class of 2019
Developing Rapid Quenching Electronics for Coupling an Ion Trap to a Mass Spectrometer (pdf)

Christian Pluchar
Class of 2018
An Ultraviolet Laser for Beryllium Photoionization (pdf)

Alex Frenett
Class of 2018
State-selective Production of Oxygen Molecular Ions for New Physics Searches (pdf)

David Lane
Class of 2017
Developing a Quantum Toolbox: Experiments with a Single-Atom Harmonic Oscillator and Prospects for Probing Molecular Ions (pdf)

Ned Kleiner
Class of 2016
Quantum Control of Be+ Ions (pdf)

Jiajun Shi
Class of 2015E
Radiofrequency Synthesis System for Laser Modulation (pdf)

Phyo Aung Kyaw
Class of 2014
Constructing an Ultra-High Vacuum Chamber and a Radio Frequency Helical Resonator for Trapping Ions (pdf)

Chu Cheyenne Teng
Class of 2014E
Frequency Control and Stabilization of a Laser System (pdf)

Shenglan Qiao
Class of 2013
Constructing a Linear Paul Trap System for Measuring the Time-variation of the Electron–Proton Mass Ratio (pdf)

Celia Ou
Class of 2013
Third Harmonic Conversion (pdf)

Other former members

Annika Lunstad
Class of 2021

Dr. Ryan Carollo
Postdoctoral Associate

Dawit Wachelo
Class of 2020

Jacob Gendelman
Class of 2020

Marissa Radensky
Class of 2019

Lauren Weiss
Class of 2018

Trevor Wright
Class of 2018

Jack Zhao
Hampshire College
Class of 2017

Sung Joo Choi
Class of 2016

Phong Hoang
Class of 2018E

Wonjae Lee
Class of 2016

Dvij Bajpai
Class of 2015

Dan Kang
Class of 2015

Owen Marschall
Class of 2015

Zuzu McIlvain-Cellier
Class of 2015

Julian Ricardo
Class of 2015

Shah Saad Alam
Class of 2014

Steven Santos
Class of 2013

Ben Scheetz
Class of 2012